The Dollars & “Sense” of Calvary’s Improvements

Why raise $200,000 for the parking lot & church sign?

Did you know? The life expectancy of the parking lot was 15 years when installed. It was installed in 1986. It is almost 32 years old. As a result, each year $4,000 to $8,000 is typically spent on temporary patches. While this temporarily fills the holes, the problem is not truly repaired, and funds are wasted.

Practical & Financial

The more time that passes, the more it costs the church. Why?

  • Depreciation… With each year, more of the parking lot’s subgrade breaks down and needs replaced. This equates to more needed material and increased cost.

  • Inflation… With each year, material costs generally rise.

  • Insufficient Maintenance—thousands spent annually on temporary repairs.

3 Reasons to replace the church sign:

  • Aesthetically aged.

  • Inaccurate information. The current printed info misdirects people.

Inconvenient. Swapping the large letters and messages is a challenge, especially in the winter months, at times impossible to accomplish when  frozen.


In today’s culture, first impressions go a long way. As we pray and do our best to reach more people for Jesus, we believe it is helpful to put our best foot forward in providing an excellent first impression. We believe that improving our parking lot and street-side sign will help us extend a more positive welcome. We also hope to remove the negative thoughts some currently have when driving onto our property… “If the outside is subpar, then the inside is likely subpar too.”

In our effort to share God’s love with others, we must acknowledge the superficial culture in which we live. Let’s be careful not to criticize people for their value system, or carelessly conclude that spiritually-minded people should not be bothered or turned off by unspiritual things like an old sign and neglected parking lot. Yes, we hope congregants should be able to see through to the deeper, but the unsaved person Jesus longs for, often see places and opportunities through their usual world-view. We want to remove the unnecessary barrier that might hinder some from ever considering God’s love for them through Christ and Calvary’s congregants.

Know that our leaders are committed to managing what the Lord has blessed us with as described by Jesus in Luke 16:11, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” While facility improvements are definitely practical and tangible projects, our leaders recognize that this is also a matter of spiritual significance. Leadership prays and manages to that end in order to be found trustworthy in the Lord’s eyes.

Are there other areas that could use an investment toward improvement? Yes. Our leaders have several areas that we hope to address in the future, and we anticipate seeing those areas improve once this first phase of  Improving the parking lot and church sign are complete.

 Let’s ask and believe God to…

  • Supply the short-term goal of $120,000 (cost of east lot repair & west lot overhaul and new church sign).

  • Show each of us what we can contribute.

  • Grant wisdom to our church leaders who have been positioned by God to make important/timely decisions.

Can we count on you to help us reach our goal?

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